30-11-2022:: AP circle union views on wage revision discussions 2-12-2022

Respected General secretary comrade chandeswar Singh ji,
Dear comrade,
On reading / seeing the present proposed scales of construction, every stage of scale from NE-1 to 12 is facing the stagnations with one or 4 increments I.e before the next wage revision on 1-1-2028.
Therefore the weightage 0% or 5% is not the creteria at present. So on behalf of AP circle we feel that the span of the scales should be without facing the stagnations before next wage revision 1-1-2028 even for the fitment if 0 or 5%.
Management argument Regarding payment of pension contributions by the management is said to be wrong as only 10 thousand Non- Executive Employees out of 31000 employees, because 21,000 are BSNL recruited employees. It will not be major problem to the management to pay pension contributions to ten thousand employees.
So keeping the matter into mind , our union may take the discussions with management while constructing the scales without stagnations.if stagnations are not faced , employees will obtain wage hike every year with 3% of annual increments and IDA hike. It is to keep in mind that as per the DPE guidelines three years consecutive Profit Before Tax is to be there for getting wage revision. Out of the profits only 20% profit is to be utilised for wage revision expenditure. Now BSNL has only two years PBT. Hence how much fitment is depended on profits and not on the decision of BSNL.
New non executive promotion policy also be evolved with 5 years one promotion to escape from stagnations.
Yours Comradely,
K Anjaiah Cs AP

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