Meeting with MTNL/ BSNL BOARD on BSNL and MTNL merger
CMD called meeting of MTNL Unions and Associations today at BSNL Conference hall and gave presentation of proposal of operational merger of mtnl bsnl, which he is going to take to GOS. Dir ( HR), Dir ( Fin), Dir ( Tech), ED, Delhi, ED, Mumbai, and GM( HR) along with other officers were present from management side. from MEA, GS, Sh V K Tomar, DGS, Sh D P S Chaudhary, AGS, Sh Satyavir Singh,AGS, Sh Sunil Sonkar and Jt Secy , Sh Pawan Dixit Participated in the meeting.
There are two part of the proposal

  1. Delisting of mtnl ,and carving operationally usefull asset of mtnl and transfer of these asset to bsnl
  2. Merger of mtnl workforce in bsnl with  these three options
  3. Absorption in bsnl with bsnl term and conditions, bsnl basic with PP ,pp will sub subsumed with future increment,for dot absorbees seniority from 01/10/2000 with promotion at par with bsnl from back date, in case of DRs seniority recruitment year wise. 5% Sab and other allowance as being given in bsnl. Take home salary will not reduce.
  4. VRS
  5. Continue with mtnl the company of assets and liability.

We raised issue of 3rd PRC implimentation
Protection of Basic pay and increments
30% corpus from back date ie from the date of formation of corpus in  BSNL
Concern of Mktg, HR, legal streams  etc

We have to give our views in writing shortly. CMD will also discuss this with BSNL’s Unions and Associations in a week. And Then it will be submitted to CoS for approval.

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