CMD speech high lights in open session


SAB money 200 cr already sanctioned till 31 august.

Medical pending bill be clear in sep salary.

In field Vendor bill after sep will not be pending in sep.

Govt. Has already reserved spectrum for BSNL 4G.

4G equipment purchase in final stage with TCS ,which is 5G compatible too.

Improve your Commitment, attitude towards organization,Focus on customer satisfaction.

It is Collective responsibility towards organization of team work, not individual.

No sell of any tower, we are making agreement for 20 years ,but ownership will be of BSNL.
0.33 % use of tower right reserved for BSNL.
no expances pay by BSNL for towers .
No money will go to govt hand.

No worker will be expected 12 hour work 8 hour work is enough for dedicated works work 8 hour as a owner of BSNL not as a employee.
Extra hour work must be adjusted.

Take BSNL as a family ,as a own business.

Any illegal things will not be tolerated.

Either leave company else keep zero tolerance towards corruption.

Gratitude towards field staff who spent from their pocket in maintaining.

Bharatnet .24000 cr asset handover to BSNL, approx 1000cr earning.

Fiber leasing charged increased.

2 lac km Fiber maintained by govt but 95% revenue will be of BSNL.

Saturation of 4G services by BSNL.
Network creation by BSNL, maintained by BSNL, revenue will be of BSNL.

2600 villages project.

Commited for All exam will be in time bound manner.

Pension payment/retirement pay in one or 1.5 month will be regular.

3rd PRC decision comes under govt.

25000 km optical fiber will be bought for maintenance.


New CPAN 400~500 CR equipment purchase in jan.
New OTN 700cr in sep , supply will start from march.


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