30-7-2022:::. Dear comrades ,
The union Govt. has approved one another revival package for BSNL on 27 th july 2022.
It will provide rs 1.64 lakhs crore for revival of BSNL.
WWe have a bitter experience of first revival package approved by the union cabinet on 23 Oct.2019.
That revival package swallowed our 78649 workers and other points like rolling out 4G spectrum for mobile services is still day dream for BSNL.
Even the salaries for less than 50 % remaining emoyees were not paid on time.
More than 70 % work of BSNL have been handed over to private venders.
The serving employees are suffering in all aspect as wage revision, time bound promotion, limited internal competitive examinations,medical assistance, no assigned job, etc.
The second revival package proving help to company to get rid off from several Govt taxes for a fixed period and certainly it will help the company for ita survival but simultaneously there is a threat from the Govt for the employees “either perform or perish”
The management has issued order also to keep the workers under threats.
One side the workers are extremely suffering and another side they have to face the threat of the management that whether their services will continue till their retirement or not.?
One another important issue is increasing our anxiety that one side the Govt wants to monetize more than 14 thousands tower and huge length of optical fibers through National Monetization pipe line.
The revenue earned through these monetization will go to finance ministry and BSNL will pay the rent for the monetized tower if it’s needs to continue services through these monetised towers.
If the Government wants to revive the BSNL in real prospective this NMPL should not be implemented for monetization of BSNL assets.
We feel apprehension that bringing the co.pny in safe position it will be handed over to private corporate as we are getting regular indication from the decision of NITY AYOG which has unlisted BSNL also in the list of PSUSs which has beed decided to privatized.
The situation is much grim and not clear.
Let us wait and watch the development as our AIC is at hand and we will discuss the issue in length and decide the further course of action.– GS NFTE BSNL

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