Todays 28/11/2022 wage committe discussions – infotlrmation

Meeting of the joint committee for recommendation of the wage of non executive staff held today under the chairman ship of shri R.K.Goyal CGMT CN-TX North ND.
The staff side not agreed with the proposal of management side with minimum basic of Rs 17000 .Then the
new scales were decided with the consent of staff side and agreed by the full committee.
The scale is as follows:—
NE 1- 19000– 32000
NE-2 19100–39000
NE–3 -193000–42000
NE–4 –19900–44000
NE–5 –21000–47000
NE–10 –34000-+-71000
Fitment–5% or as the fitment given to executives ,which ever will be high er.
The final reg.fitment and other allowances will be finalised on 02.12.2022 with discussion in full committee.

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