whatsapp message sent to Sr GM hr % cgm by cs regarding com M Narendranadh JHT R-8 Trfs case 🌹

The Sr. General manager
Respected sir,
I want to share the pathetical situation of sri M Narendranadh JHT Gunturu for your consideration under sympathetical grounds.
His wife was Expired on Dt 20-6-2023 due to brain dead and the said official also admitted in Gunturu Lalitha hospital suffering with some multiple problems. Doctors diagnosed that some neuro problem in his leg and operation needed.
Moreover he has to celebrate his two unmarried daughters who are staying in Hyderabad.
The cadre JHT is a dying cadre and as per Non executive transfer policy under clause 8, the employee desire of transfer with own cost should not be discouraged, if he/she completed the 5 years of service in the circle.
Under this rule only many JEs is being considered their R-8 transfers to AP circle.
Hence consideration of R-8 request of M. Narendranadh JHT is urgent need to support his two motherless daughters.
DT .23-06-2023
K Anjaiah CS NFTE AP

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