Young comrades of JE cadre is under confusion with lack of maturity choosing wrong path !
Dear comrades, It seems since some time some of the JE cadre comrades under the banner of SNATTA blaming the both recognised unions including NFTE in their watsapp groups stating that both unions failed to increase the JTO LICE vacencies and not trying to cancell the on going JTO Examination on 7-8-2022 who are going to benifit 900 JEs . This is highly objectionable and wrong interpritations of some employees / leaders of BTEU to create mess in comming membership verification. * Actually NFTE done a lot of for them by giving priority* They are safe from the attack of management under the umberella of NFTE.
we setteled hundreads og R-8 transfers and helped them in local transfers*
so far Conducting of LICE and increase of vacencies , we tried our level best by writting several letters and made discussions with CMD and Dir on their issues
it is the time to share one instance of NFTE GS , recently one DAY the Dy GS of SNATTA and CS of UP- west, came to NFTE office and presurised chandeswar sing to arrange meeting with CMD Immediatly on their issue
Our GS arranged the meeting according their will. Discussed in their favour, but CMD is adment on his own version.
They are not in a possion to understand the present situation of BSNL, The BJP Govt is trying to dis-invest the BSNL also along with other PSUs. Denying of wage revision. For SAB no positive steps*BTEU no yet taken up these core isdues with their party BJP or minister
The BTEU who not take part of the agitations along with AUAB for wage revision and other demands and showing vested interest to get profit in the comming verification , by provocating the SNATTA.
In this senario blaming of NFTE is unjustified and objectionable.
Hence we request the JE cadre employees , dont fall under trap and use your wisdom and support NFTE to achive your demands. NFTE always with you.
circle secretary