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NFTE BSNL AP Election campaign meeting @VJ on 14.08.2022

NFTE BSNL AP Circle Election campaign Meeting at Vijayawada inagurated by com Chandeswar singh GS on Dt14-08-2022(Sunday) Before commenceing the meeting the National flag was hoisted by com...

Happy Independence day

76వ స్వాతంత్య్ర దినోత్సవ శుభాకాంక్షలు

SC forming panel to examine issue of freebies by political parties is ‘burial by committee’: Experts
SC forming panel to examine issue of freebies by political parties is ‘burial by committee’: Experts
“The question before SC and committee is, what will be the effect of these freebies on elections. How is the committee going to answer that question?”
Most senior law experts and advocates believe that the Supreme Court’s decision to form a committee to look into the issue of freebies by political parties is, in effect, ‘burial by committee’.
The Supreme Court, on August 3, decided to set up an expert group comprising members from the government, Opposition parties, Niti Aayog, Election Commission, Finance Commission and Reserve Bank of India (RBI) to study the impact of freebies being announced by political parties during elections on the economy.
A bench of Chief Justice NV Ramana and Justices Krishna Murari and Hima Kohli asked the Centre, Election Commission, senior advocate and Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal, and the petitioners to submit their suggestions within seven days on the composition of the expert body that will examine the issue of how to regulate freebies. It was hearing a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) petition filed by Ashwini Upadhyay seeking directions to regulate freebies by political parties.
However, most senior law experts believe that the issue will end with the formation of the committee. “The question before the committee and the court is, what will be the effect of these freebies on elections. How is the committee going to answer that question?” senior counsel Rajeev Dhavan wondered.
“The committee can’t say ban this and ban that because for any recommendation to come into force, the electoral law has to be changed and it will be difficult to enforce,” he added.
“The reason is that it is a political party which is announcing these freebies, so will they go after the party or the politician announcing it. They can’t disqualify parties. The impact of this committee on electoral law and disqualification are the real issues,” said Dhavan.
Senior Supreme Court advocate Sanjay Hegde had a similar opinion. “There is only a committee that is being formed. No report has come yet. The issue of jurisdiction will arise only if the apex court decides to act on the recommendations of the committee. As of now, it seems like it will be a burial by committee,” he maintained.
“The Supreme Court will be better informed on the issue once the committee gives its report as it can then decide if they want to answer the problem or not,” he added.
Indian Civil Liberties Union (ICLU) founder and Supreme Court lawyer Anas Tanwir asserted that if the Supreme Court is concerned with electoral reforms, the first step would be to take up the Electoral Bonds case pending before it since 2019.
“The issue of Electoral Bonds affects free and fair elections far more than freebies can ever do. We are a welfare State and it is but necessary that the subsidies and the so called ‘freebies’ are announced and continued. A majority of the population requires it,” he observed.
Petitioner Ashwini Upadhyay’s counsel Vikas Singh suggested that a model code of conduct be drafted by the EC. In his plea, he had claimed that political parties announce freebies to lure voters. He wanted political parties to consider public debt too.
Appearing for the Union government, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta claimed that populist freebies distort informed decision making of the voter and if unregulated, it would lead to an economic disaster.
The grant of the so called ‘freebies’ is not an affront on the taxpayers’ money, noted Tanwir, which, he said, was being used for making statues and a new Central Vista.
Sibal, who was invited to give suggestions on the matter, said that the Election Commission should be kept away from the discussion as the issue was political and economic in nature and did not concern elections. He also suggested that Parliament should discuss the issue.

పీర్ల పండుగ : మొహరం పండుగును తెలుగు ప్రాంతాల్లో పీర్ల పండుగ అంటారు. షియా తెగ వాళ్ళు ఈ పండుగను పాటిస్తారు. దైవప్రవక్త ముహమ్మదుగారి మనమళ్ళు హసన్, హుసేన్ ల వీరోచిత ప్రాణత్యాగాన్ని జ్ఞాపకం చేసుకుంటూ పీరుల్ని ఊరేగిస్తారు. రక్తంకారేలా ఒళ్ళు కోసుకుంటారు, కొరడాలతో కొట్టుకుంటారు.
ప్రాచీనకాలంలో ఆషూరా దినం, అనగా ముహర్రం యొక్క పదవతేదీని, అనేక సాంప్రదాయక గుర్తుల కనుగుణంగా పర్వముగాను పండుగగానూ జరుపుకునేవారు. పద్నాలుగు శతాబ్దాల క్రితమే ప్రజాస్వామ్యం కోసం, మానవ హక్కుల కోసం జరిగిన చరిత్రాత్మక పోరాటం ‘మొహరం’. ఈ పేరు వినగానే పీర్లు, నిప్పుల గుండాలు, గుండెలు బాదుకుంటూ ‘మాతం’ చదవటాలు గుర్తుకొస్తాయి.


07-08-2022: శ్రీ అశ్వనీ వైష్ణవ్ మాజీ IAS అధికారి మరియు ప్రస్తుత కేంద్ర కమ్యూనికేషన్ల మంత్రి వర్యులు చేసిన బెదిరింపులను BSNL ఉద్యోగులు ఖండించాలి.

BSNL కు కేంద్ర కేబినెట్ ప్రకటించిన రివైవల్ పాకేజి సందర్భంగా కేంద్ర కమ్యూనికేషన్ మంత్రి వర్యులు మీడియా తో మాట్లాడుతూ , ఉద్యోగులు సంస్థ అభివృద్దికి కష్టపడి పనిచేయాలని, రోజుకు 10 నుండి 12 గంటలు...

****. *Court verdict* ******* Our newly hired senior advocate has directed case towards today’s Hearing. Court didn’t stay the exam but *directed BSNL to take Exams Year wise Only* i.e...

(1) It is proposed to increase the union sub-
scription from Rs. 44/- to Rs. 60/- per member/
per month. The increase in subscription is need
of the hour to meet the expenditure for function-
ing of the organization. Where the subscription
was drastically decreased in the year 2020-21
due to VRS-2019 and Covid pandemic. The col-
lected membership should be equally distributed
at all levels (CHQ Rs. 20/-, Circle Rs. 20/-, SSA
Rs. 20/-).
(2) It is proposed to amend section 13 (i.e.
Secretariat) as
“National Secretariat”,
consists of all Circle Secretaries. The quorum for
the meeting is 50% of total Circle Secretaries. All
the conditions laid down in clause 13(b) & (c) will
remain as it is.
(3) It is proposed to made amendment in
section (14) of the constitution with Dy. General
Secretary post in the office bearers list.
(i) A President.
(i) Five Vice President or more.
(ii) General Secretary.
(iv) Dy. General Secretary.
(v) Five Secretaries or more.
(vi) Treasurer com Secretary.
(vi) Organising Secretaries.
Dy. General Secretary will assist G.S. in dayto day functioning of the union.
(4) Casual Mazdoors approved by BSNLmanagement, wages paid through ERP should
be allowed to get membership of registration/recognised unin
to day functioning of the union.
to day functioning of the union.
(4) Casual Mazdoors approved by BSNL
management, wages paid through ERP should
be allowed to get membership of registration/recognised union.

above amendements are proposed to get aproval of AIC . any another modifications may pl be intimated to circe union.


AUAB DHARNA at Vijayawada AP circle office on 21-6-2022, com G Obuleshu AITUC St Secretary & cs NFTE and chairman AUAB Addressing the gathering.



డియర్ కామ్రేడ్స్.
కార్పోరేట్ ఆఫిసు న్యూ డిల్లి , అన్ని సి జి యం లకు హాస్పిటల్స్ ఎంపానెల్ మెంట్ చేసె విశయం లొ ఈ క్రింది విధంగా ఉత్తర్వులిచ్హింది. జిళ్లా కార్యదర్శులు తమ తమ అధికారులు తొ చర్చించి తగిన చర్యలు తీసుకొవాల్సి ఉన్నది
– బి యస్ యన్ యల్ ఉద్యోగులు , పెన్షనర్లు మరియి వారి డిఫెండెంట్ సభ్యులు మెడికల్ సౌకర్యం ఇండోర్ / ఔట్ డొర్ ట్రీట్మెంట్ కొరకు ఎంపానల్మెంట్ ఆసుపత్రులు లేని కారణంగా ఇబ్బందులు పడుతున్నారని తెలిసింది
చాలా హాస్పటల్స్ BSNL ఎంపానెల్మెంట్ నుండి ముఖ్యంగా రిపుటెడ్ హాస్పిటల్స్ తొలగిపొయి ఉన్నాయి. కావున జనరల్ మేనేజర్లు సేల్స్ టిము ల ద్యారా హస్పిటల్ మెనెజ్మెంట్ల తొ మాట్లాడి , ఎంపానెల్మెంట్ అయ్యెటట్లుగా ఒప్పించాలి. ప్రత్యేకంగా మంచి పేరున్న ఆసుపత్రులు తొ కాష్ లెస్ లేదా కాష్ పె మెంట్ ట్రీట్మెంట్ చెయటానికి ఒప్పించాలి అలాగె వారి వారి బిల్లులు సెటిల్ చెయటానికి ప్రత్యేక శ్రద్ద , టైం బౌండ్ పెట్తుకొని సెటిల్ చేయాలి.         Click here

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