Dear comrades,
Twitter Campaign to be organised on 15.12.2023 – Circle Office bearers and Dist. secretaries to note please.
As all of you are aware, the AUAB has given call to organise Twitter Campaign on *15.12.2023, against the arbitrary taking over of the ALTTC. It is very important to ensure that, this Twitter Campaign is made a big success. More than 90% of the employees are having smart phone. However, they don’t have a Twitter account. *To make the Twitter Campaign successful, all the employees having a smart phone should participate in the Twitter Campaign.* Hence, the CHQ issued the following guideline to make the Twitter Campaign a big success.

(1) All the Dist. secretaries and circle office bearers should open Twitter account immediately on their smart phone, if they already don’t have the same.
(2) In each and every district, at least 2 or 3 comrades should be given the responsibility of meeting each and every employee, as well as the pensioners and help them to open Twitter account on their smart phones.
(3) On the day of the Twitter Campaign, the text message sent by the AUAB should be tweeted by all the employees.

To protect BSNL’s Rs.6,000 crore asset, CHQ requests all our comrades to act quickly to make the Twitter Campaign a big success.
K Anjaiah CS AP

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